Zecher – Engraving as the key for success

Engraving as the key for success

The success story of Zecher's SteppedHex engraving technology in the printing industry proves us right. Since its launch in 2015, sales have grown exponentially. What makes this engraving so special are its physical properties, which produce excellent printing results in all market segments. To achieve such outstanding results, it was important for Zecher to develop a well-engineered and thought out engraving technology which offers the customer several advantages:

  • An easy switchover from conventional to SteppedHex technology
  • Possibility to print with an extended range of print screen resolutions
  • Reduction of anilox rollers (in use)
  • No need to change anilox rollers → reduction of set-up times
  • Line and screen printing with just one anilox
  • Ink savings through better emptying properties
  • Less wear on the doctor blades (less contact with the anilox surface)
  • Exceedingly good cleaning behavior

A lot of positive feedback from Zecher's customers indicates that the SteppedHex engraving is the leading technology today and is gradually replacing conventional anilox roller engravings.

Zecher is proud to have developed the unique and protected SteppedHex engraving which in turn offers our customers a technological advantage – get one step ahead of the competition with SteppedHex!

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