ALPHA-CURE UV lamps & reflectors

Established in Great Britain in 1996 Alpha-Cure is a specialist manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) curing and metal halide lamps, committed to delivering industry advancements in UV lamp design and technology, in partnership with leading UV system and machine manufacturers throughout the world.

The partners of Alpha-Cure boast over 133 years of technical expertise within the UV lamp manufacturing industry. They understand the necessity for a premium product required in the printing, bonding and coating industries, as such the dedicated R&D departments in both the UK and China, continuously innovate, introducing new and improved products to the extensive portfolio of 10,000 UV lamp types.


Alpha-Cure is proud to have gained global recognition for delivering the highest quality product, each lamp individually handmade, developed using the most advanced components and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. The product range includes bespoke lamp designs to meet customer’s exact requirements with vast selections of ceramic and metal end caps and lead terminations. Power outputs range from 80W/cm, up to 550 watts per cm with arc lengths of up to four metres. Manufactured utilising the highest grade vacuumed baked quartz available in the market, ultra-high purity noble gases and mercury reaching levels of 99.995%, our customers recognise Alpha-Cure as worldwide experts in our field.

Alpha-Cure_UV_Lamps (5)_low res UV Lamp Power Ratings & Size Range
80 to 550 W/cm
500 watts to 30 kilowatts
5cm to 4.0m arc length
10mm to 46mm diameter
Roll & Pinch Seal
50 Socket Types (Ceramic & Metal)
Ultraviolet radiation technology is used in numerous industrial processes across the globe from silk screen, label, flexo, letterpress, offset & digital printing to metal & plastic decorating, varnishing & bonding applications such as CD/DVD, touch screen, woodworking, printed circuit boards (PCB) & flat screen manufacturing processes, plus the forever emerging technologies within the air and water disinfection markets.


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