OXXO Printing & Bridging Sleeves

OXXO Pipe is a world class manufacturer of sleeves to the printing industry.

They offer fast turn around, highest quality and a reputation of supplying printers with what they require.

If you require world class sleeves then OXXO should be by choice your preferred partner.


OXXO offer the following sleeves for printers around the world.

  • Fiberglass printing sleeves, Conductive and Non Conductive
  • Fiberglass bridging sleeves, Conductive and Non Conductive
  • Aluminium, Metal and Chrome printing cylinders
  • Sleeve bases for anilox rollers 

Fiberglass printing sleeves:

Fiberglass sleeves are manufactured as either Conductive or Non Conductive depending on the customers requirements.

The diameters can range from 44 mm - 398 mm and their length up to 2,800 mm. The minimum wall thickness is 0,3 mm and the notches are manufactured as reinforced g=fiberglass or a full range of metal notches is also available for suitable wall thicknesses.

The air flow that is required for the OXXO sleeves is > 12 l/s (0,42 cubic feet/sec and the air pressure should be 6-8 bar (87 - 116 psi)


Fiberglass bridging (adapter) sleeves:

Produced in either Conductive or Non Conductive materials bridging (adapter) sleeve is a combination of fiberglass, polyurethane foam, polyurethane 80 ShD and the diameter can be from 44 mm up to 630 mm with a maximum length of 3,700 mm.

Wall thickness is always to the customers requirements and is up to a maximum of 250 mm with a diameter tolerance of +/- 0,02 mm and a run out tolerance of ≤ 0,02 mm.

Required air flow is >12 l/s (0,42 cubic ft/sec) and air pressure must be 6-8 bar (87-116 psi)

An axial and/or radial scribe line along with a metal notch may be manufactured into the bridging sleeve for safety and stability during the production process. These requirements are produced to the customers required standards.


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