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Nekkorb Solutions is pleased to be the appointed agent for ST Converting equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

ST Converting is a world leader in innovative mounting solutions for the flexographic printing industry and with the patent “Virual Image” technology the machines are easy to use and are more productive and accurate than other plate mounting systems.


The ST Converting product range has been developed to assist all areas of flexographic printing to include:

and to enhance the base features of these easy to use machines they have developed specialty software like the;

  • Photo Split
  • Virtual Image
  • Orders management
  • Register control
  • Enterprise link

to help improve the productivity and accuracey for the operator and the business in general. Now the business can produce records for the plate mounting process to satisfy the requests of the final end user customer without having to put into place addition record keeping methods and procedures. This is all managed within the software parameters of the machine if you require.

Photo Split: (click here for brochure)

PhotoSplit is an application, that permits the control of the plate mounter machine, allowing a perfect alignment of the plate marking cross-marks.
The cameras installed on the plate mounter machine acquire the marking cross-marks images thanks to PhotoSplit.

The cameras permit also to have marking cross-marks view in separated and independent windows.

Inside Photosplit there is the MMP module for the pattern management on video: you can choose the shape (cross, circle, grid, viewfinder), colours and size, you can rotate the pattern and move it.

Furthermore you can create folders of the works with the relevant mounting positions in order to retrieve the data for further mounting.
You can work from another office (for example the graphic department) thanks to the LAN connection of the software.

PhotoSplit uses innovative method to allow the plate marking cross-marks alignment: in fact it permits to overlap each other the plate images acquired by the cameras with a virtual image made by the software. This visualization method, together with the advanced functions of the software, permit to obtain a high precision during the alignment.

Virtual Image: (click here for brochure)

Our Virtual Image system, the first on market, provides an easy, reliable and accurate Virtual ProofPrint

Only with Virtual Image you can align plates without cross-marks or microdots.

Through Virtual image you can align the plates superimposing the image of the plate mounted before.
Furthermore through the patent Virtual Scan you can import any reference including the repro file: Virtual Image will calculate the 3D effect of the file with lights and shadows, the distortion factor and the distortion of the plate.
Finally, through the motorized cameras, Virtual Image system automatically detects the position of cross marks.

This exclusive and patented system, included in our plates mounters, is also available as conversion kit for plate mounters of other manufactures.

Orders Management:

SYS TEC developed an innovative orders management system. It is projected for the inner organization of the companys quality and it permits:

  • electronic mounting storing
  • to print and therefore to certify the mounting
  • to grant the quality of the job to the customer

It is now possible adding a software to manage/analyze users work. It permits to verify the time needed by the user for each mounting allowing the supervisor user to produce a report.

Register Control:

In all ST Converting mounting machines you can add a register check that permits:

  • to obtain a check report of each plate position with reference to the first colour
  • to issue a list of values showing any significant register shift using a threshold planned by the user
  • to do a preventive control of the printing plates

Furthermore the produced data file can be transmitted to the printing machine in order to automatically arrange the printing registers.

Enterprise Link:

All plate mounting machines can be equipped with an interface with the company net permitting data exchange.

It is therefore possible managing new orders from any company net computer, with relevant sketches and positions data for the plate mounting.

Our software development department can create any interface with the software or database that you actually use in your company permitting to import any significant data.

ST Converting have also placed a lot of thought on other areas of the storage and press set up activities and on this knowledge it is pleased to offer the two additional value adding solutions to your business, flexo motors and cylinder storage:

Flexo Motors: (click here for brochure)

Flexo Motor is a new automation system developed by SYS TEC for your gear flexo machine. The printing decks of your gear flexo press will have a new life increasing productivity. You can update your gear machine in an automatic machine.

Main Features:
Motorised fast rack in-out and fine tuning

  • Automatic rack in-out sequence for sleeve/cylinder changeover
  • Possibility to memorize jobs and recall the jobs without re-dialling all parameters
  • Motorised register system (side and up/down)
  • Automatic in register system. It uses the existing camera to measure the initial misregistration while sophisticated software analyzes the image and send correction to the press
  • Register verifier report
  • SYS-BC system: automatic bar code verifier and in line bar code verification report
  • SYS-DB system: all information about jobs, register verifier and bar code verifier are collected automatically into SQL database

Cylider Storage Systems:

Innovative carousel system for the storage of printing cylinders or sleeves


  • From 192 sleeves to unlimited
  • From 60 cylinder to unlimited


  • Efficient use of storage space
  • Accommodates printing cylinders / sleeves of all dimensions
  • Easy checking and identification of cylinders / sleeves
  • Easy access to each cyilinder / sleeve
  • Easy pick up and storage of cylinders / sleeves
  • Light aluminum frame for the racks
  • Security: The cylinders / sleeves are perfectly housed inside the rack
  • revent damages for dust and UV


  • The cylinder / sleeve storage is of modular conception, providing flexibility and adaptation to various necessities
  • Well engineered steel frame permits future extensions in plan as well as in elevation
  • Guide permits easy horizontal displacement of the cylinder / sleeve racks
  • The frame accommodates four suspended sleeve racks
  • The racks are from extruded aluminum (available in steel framing upon request)


  • Remote control, connecting trought LAN
  • Load and unload of cylinders / sleeves by shuttle
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Barcode manage for time-saving solution


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