3M Plate mounting systems and specialised splicing...

3M is the world leading manufacturer of specialised tapes for the mounting of photo polymer and other printing plates, splicing tapes and accessories helping converters produce more profitable outcomes.


The 3M plate mounting systems include;

  • Tapes with specialised and differential adhesives
  • A wide range of foams densities
  • A thicknesses to meet most printing requirements

click here to download your copy of the 3M plate mounting tape guide.

3M Range

For halftone work where dot gain is a concern, a softer tape optimizes reproduction.

When solids and dots share the plate, a combination tape can properly balance the result.

Where solid areas and crisp lines are together on the plate a firm, high density mounting tape is available.

From the wide 3M selection, you can find the adhesive, foam density, and thicknesses for the print quality that YOUR customers demand and expect of you.

You will also find choices to meet your handling requirements for:

  • Mounting ease and positioning accuracy click here then page down to view videos of the plate mounting process
  • Easy, clean removal of the tape from the plate and cylinder

The new E-Series tapes with their patent Easy Mount Adhesive system helps the
printer improve productivity within the plate mounting area.

The unique crosshatched system reduces air entrapment like no other system on the Eseriesmarket. The unique micro channels within the adhesive system allows air to flow throughout the adhesive. Air bubbles disappear from between the tape and plate, and between the tape and cylinder or sleeve for virtually bubble-free mounting.

Setup is faster with smoother surfaces for cleaner print quality and higher productivity.

The plate stays on with reduced edge-lifting and the 3M plate-side adhesive
maintains tight contact, saves prep time, downtime, and labor sealing plate edges.

The plate also peels off easily to reduce plate damage and virtually eliminates plate back treatment. It is less likely that you will damage plates, so you save time, labor, and money.

Bubble-free print quality also eliminates blemishes in screen and process printing
areas and helps assure that proper registration is maintained at all times.


The EH-Series with its higher plate side adhesion holds the edge of the plate down on even the smallest diameter cylinders reducing wastage and improving productivity.


click here here for the tape selection guide

The 3M thin tape systems have been specially designed for flexographic printing on Thin tapecorrugated board, while the even thinner Flexographic Mounting Tape like the 2205 at 4th thickness with its double-coated polyester film have been developed for mounting thin plates onto compressible printing sleeves.

3M Scotch-Weld & Hot Melt Bonding Systems Easily apply 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesives 3762LM, 3776LM, 3792LM, or 98LM with a 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator LT to seal plate edges against ink and solvent penetration that can cause edge lifting.

Multiple options with 3M Single Coated Tapes 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425, 3M Vinyl Tape 471, or 3M Polyester Film Tape 850 are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes that bond on contact to seal plate edges against ink and solvent penetration that can cause
edge lifting.

Other Mounting Essentials include;
3M Cylinder Mount Build-Up Tape 1640 for use with any 3M flexographic tape to add 0.040" thickness.

3M Primer 94 helps hold the leading and trailing edges of the plate to prevent edge lifting. PrimerSticks


click here to see a video showing how primer sticks are used.



3M Hand Roller 903 for virtually air-free mounting, helps air bleed through and out of the adhesive microchannels in 3M Flexographic Plate Mounting Tapes



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