3M Plate mounting systems and specialised splicing...

3M is the world leading manufacturer of specialised tapes for the mounting of photo polymer and other printing plates, splicing tapes and accessories helping converters produce more profitable outcomes.


3M Plate Mounting Systems

  • Tapes with specialised and differential adhesives
  • A wide range of foams densities
  • A thicknesses to meet most printing requirements

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  • For halftone work where dot gain is a concern, a softer tape optimizes reproduction.
  • When solids and dots share the plate, a combination tape can properly balance the result.
  • Where solid areas and crisp lines are together on the plate a firm, high density mounting tape is available.


3M Flexographic Tapes: Where Science Meets Craft


From the wide 3M selection, you can find the adhesive, foam density, and thicknesses for the print quality that YOUR customers demand and expect of you.

You will also find choices to meet your handling requirements for:

  • Mounting ease and positioning accuracy
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  • Easy, clean removal of the tape from the plate and cylinder


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L-Series Tapes

The L-Series plate mounting tapes are not only designed to give you better solid ink, process and combination printing, but easier handling as well. L-Series Tapes combine the air-release feature of 3M E-Series and H-Series Tapes. They are designed to provide easy and clean removal of printing plates across a wide range of printing applications with excellent resistance to plate lifting.

Faster Mounting

The proprietary crosshatch design creates unique microchannels in the adhesive that cause air bubbles to disappear from between the tape and plate, meaning faster setup and cleaner print quality for your customers.

Better Hold

The L-Series’ specially formulated adhesive limits edge lift for a more secure run, even on small repeats.

Easier Removal

Tapes stay on during press runs yet remove cleanly from the print plate and cylinder afterward, especially on wide plates. This significantly reduces cleanup time and tearing, which can be very costly


E-Series Tapes

The new E-Series tapes with their patent Easy Mount Adhesive system helps the
printer improve productivity within the plate mounting area.

  • The unique crosshatched system reduces air entrapment like no other system on the market. The unique micro channels within the adhesive system allows air to flow throughout the adhesive. Air bubbles disappear from between the tape and plate, and between the tape and cylinder or sleeve for virtually bubble-free mounting.
  • Setup is faster with smoother surfaces for cleaner print quality and higher productivity.
  • The plate stays on with reduced edge-lifting and the 3M plate-side adhesive maintains tight contact, saves prep time, downtime, and labor sealing plate edges.
  • The plate also peels off easily to reduce plate damage and virtually eliminates plate back treatment. It is less likely that you will damage plates, so you save time, labor, and money.
  • Bubble-free print quality also eliminates blemishes in screen and process printing areas and helps assure that proper registration is maintained at all times.


3M Thin Flexographic Mounting Tapes


3M Thin Flexographic Mounting Tape L2105 is a double coated film tape constructed of a polyester film carrier with differential adhesives. Both adhesives are designed to provide high holding power and to cleanly remove from both the plate and the carrier. This product uses the 3M easy mount liner, which creates micro-channels in the linered side adhesive surface. The cross-hatched pattern creates a network of micro-channels in the adhesive, allowing air to escape from between the tape and the plate. 3M™ Thin Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape L2105 can perform under a wide range of temperatures.


3M Scotch-Weld & Hot Melt Bonding Systems

Easily apply 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Adhesives 3762LM, 3776LM, 3792LM, or 98LM with a 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator LT to seal plate edges against ink and solvent penetration that can cause edge lifting.


8387 SLS Auto Splice Tape



3M Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387 is an engineered adhesive tape designed for high-performance splicing of film and foil webs during high-speed printing and coating applications. The 8387 has a high-performance adhesive developed for splicing a variety of films such as low surface energy (LSE) or high slip materials – LDPE, BOPP and PET.


R9993 SLS Blue Auto Splice Tape

3M tape R9993 has a double coated, splittable tape construction designed for straight line flying splices, with a low release split paper liner for easy application.


8087 Red Construction Seaming Tape

3M Construction Seaming Tape 8087 is a red construction sealing tape designed to seal seams on housewrap and insulated sheathing products. You get the versatility for seaming, splicing, sealing or repairing many materials used for moisture barriers inside and outside. 8087 red tape can be used to splice all types of label materials with confidence. Its bright colour can also be easily identified if the splice needs to be detected. This tape features a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive mounted on a biaxially orientated polypropylene film.


9086 Double Coated Tape

3M High Performance Double Coated Tape 9086 features a specially-formulated acrylic adhesive that delivers very high initial tack and excellent peel and shear performance on a wide range of surfaces and materials. This tape is also ideal for core starting applications.

At 3.5 mils per side, the adhesive bonds to smooth, rough or textured surfaces. A 0.5 mil tissue carrier is conformable and hand-tearable for efficient processing and use.


Masking Tapes

233+ Green Masking Tape

3M Green Masking Tape 233+ delivers consistently superior performance on plate sealing in the print industry. Balanced four-part construction includes flexible backing that applies easily around curves and contours and 3M's patented adhesive that sticks at a touch, stays put and removes without transfer.


301+ Yellow Masking Tape

3M Yellow Masking Tape 301+ is ideal for use in the print industry where strong holding performance is required. 3M's proprietary, solvent-free adhesive formula removes cleanly in one piece with no adhesive residue


201+ Cream Masking Tape

3M General Use Masking Tape 201+ is a light tan crepe paper tape that has a low unwind and sticks to many surfaces, making it an ideal everyday-use tape. The crepe-paper backing conforms to irregular surfaces and sticks confidently yet removes cleanly and conveniently. The 201+ masking tape is well-suited for plate sealing in the print industry.


Learn more about 3M Industrial Masking Tapes


Other Mounting Essentials

Primer 94

3M Primer 94 helps hold the leading and trailing edges of the plate to prevent edge lifting.

click here to see a video showing how primer sticks are used.



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