LIGUM Rubber Covered Sleeves for Printing and Lami...

Ligum offer elastomer covering of rollers for various industries using materials from reputable suppliers.

The Ligum plant in Jablonec nad Nisou specialises in the production of flexographic sleeves and are a leading European manufacturer of sleeves for direct laser engraving.

For offset printing Ligum offer rubber covering of rollers with materials and know-how from the company Westland – the primary equipment supplier for leading international manufacturers.


Ligum manufacture an extensive range of elastomer covered rollers for;

  • Flexographic printing - Non conductive, conductive
  • Gravure printing - Non conductive, conductive, electrostatic print assist
  • Paper industry - Resistance to mechanical, pressure and chemicals
  • Offset printing - Composition and damping rollers
  • Silicone rollers
  • Textile industry
  • Wood processing

Flexographic printing:

A comprehensive range of optimised elastomer sleeve materials for direct laser engraving, flexo_3
solid printing and as a base under continuous photo-polymer material are offered.  The Ligum team can optimise materials to meet individual customers needs and their success is the result of many years experience and continuous development including many laboratory and practical tests.

Gravure printing:

gravure_1Rubber coverings for standard impression rollers, impression rollers that require more resistant to esters, toluene etc and impression rollers operating with electrostatic printing assistance (ESA).


Paper industry:

The paper industry places high demands on the pressing parts of paper machines. Forpaper_1 this purpose, Ligum offers special compounds which are used by many paper-machine manufacturers in Europe. These include, drive rollers, gluing rollers, pressing rollers, register rollers, draw rollers, transport rollers, guiding rollers – felts, guiding rollers – screens


Offset rollers:

Ligum, a member of the Westland Group, manufacture and supply printing rollers to EN ISO 9001:2000 standard that meet the quality requirements of many printing machine manufacturers.

Composition roller range include:

Werograph: The tried-and-tested ink roller quality with high volume stability because ofoffset1 good swell resistance and minimised heat-build-up. It also offers easy wash-ability and guarantees a long life.

Wero-UV: The optimal quality for ink and dampening form rollers for pure UV inks.

Weromix: The special quality for ink and dampening form rollers for mixed printing. This quality is also recommended for hybrid inks.

Weronews: The new ink and dampening form roller genera-tion for newspaper printing for cold-set inks containing vegetable oils.

Weronix: Rider or distributor rollers as an alternative to rilsan coated rollers. This quality offers an excellent run-ability and is also used for the recovering of film rollers with rhomb or polygon profile.

Dampening roller range include:

Weroaqua: The perfect dampening roller quality for alcohol reduced or free printing. It is already used by many printing machine manufacturers in the first equipment.ofset4

Werodamp: The tried-and-tested dampening roller quality for continuous-film dampening systems for sheet-fed and web printing. The hydrophilic surface and the constant Shore hardness guarantee constant wetting over a long time.

Werodahl: The quality with high mechanic stability for dampening form rollers for Dahlgren and Delta dampening systems with an excellent media resistance.

Werodamp-LT: A brand new dampening roller generation with the Westland LotoTec® technology.

Other rollers: Varnishing rollers, developing rollers, press and guiding rollers, stretching rollers, PUR rings for folding rollers, complete rollers including accessories making them ready to run.

Silicone rollers:

Rollers with a silicone covering are designed mainly for applications performed in silicone_1high-temperature environments. A non-adhesive surface is a further specific feature of this material, which is successfully used upon applying some types of glue etc. Also offered is EPDM-silicon mixture, which is a mixture with higher heat resistance (due to the silicon component) and excellent resistance to mechanical stress (the EPDM component)

Textile industry:

The textile industry places high demand on there rubber coverings (high temperature, aggressive chemical baths, pressure, mechanical stress...). In this range high-quality materials which have been developed especially for this industry are offered.

Wood processing: 

The wood and furniture industry requires impact-resistant materials for transport and wood_2pressure rollers, pulleys and wheels. They require highly specialized materials for glue, colour and paint applications which are used for surface finishing and refining.



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