Opti-color Ink pumps and viscosity control systems

opti-color manufactures and designs measuring and control units as well as systems and solutions for the handling and control of liquids. Additionally they develop and offer optimized solutions e.g. for special cleaning and maintenance tasks and dosing systems for liquid components.


opti-color systems are used in the printing, lacquer and coating applications, for production of liquids (e.g. inks, paints, food and cosmetics) and we serve applications in the demanding foundry and oil industry and for furniture production. Professional and competent support is the base for our customer service. We help with ideas, proposals and on-site intervention. After-sales service ensures best results and benefits of using opti-color products. The core competence at opti-color is the know-how regarding viscosity measuring and control systems. Our units are offering highest accuracy and reliability in process and lab environments. We offer various sensor types for usage in low and high viscosity liquids and control units, which also can be configured individually for our customers


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