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Wink is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools for the graphic industry. All over the world, renowned manufacturers of labels, packaging and many other die-cut products rely on the quality and outstanding service provided by Wink.

Wink’s philosophy can be summed up in four short words: “You cut, we care.” While you get on with the task in hand, Wink takes care of everything else.


Wink Product Highlights

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SuperCut Flexible Dies

Maximum precision for your labels

SuperCut Flexible dies

With Wink's magnetic flexible dies, you can die-cut almost any conceivable narrow-web product perfectly – from simple rectangles to multi-layer booklet labels.


wisp® Flexible Dies (Sheet-Fed Offset)

Wide range of uses

wisp Flexible dies

For efficient and cost-effective inline cutting using sheet offset machines, we recommend Wink's special wisp® flexible dies.


MCR Coating

Maximum operating performance

MCR Coating

Particularly in the processing of very abrasive materials and inks in long runs, the MCR coating offers a considerable prolongation of lifetime.


Non-stick Coatings

A neat solution for "sticky" situations

Non-stick Coatings

Wink offers four non-stick coatings which are the optimum solution if you are combating ink and adhesive residues.


Laser Hardening

Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is generally recommendable for cutting-through as well as for difficult-to-cut filmic materials in large runs.



Less pressure, maximum efficiency


The advantages of the ProShift® principle are not just in die-cutting. The staggered structure of the labels also has a positive influence on the printing results and increases overall efficiency.


Envelope Dies

Envelope dies

Wink provides perfect flexible dies for the envelope and packaging industry: Separators, side seam and window knives for all common magnetic systems.


PowerCut® Solid Dies

Maximum power

PowerCut Solid dies

Cutting cylinders, through-hardened or with non-stick coating on request.


Magnetic Cylinders

The perfect match to SuperCut dies

Magnetic cylinders

The perfect companion when putting our flexible dies to rotary use.


SmartGap® Cylinders

The adjustable anvil cylinder

SmartGap cylinders

Wink‘s SmartGap® system can easily cut through large working widths at high production speeds and enables you to flexibly and accurately adjust the cutting depth to your needs. The basic Advance version can be easily upgraded to the digital Touch version, which can be extended with an AutoControl package.


SmartGap®Touch, the digitally controlled anvil system from Wink Die-Cutting Tools sets the benchmark in terms of precision, handling and efficiency.


Printing Cylinders

Printing cylinders

The heart of every printing press, our printing cylinders ensure perfect dimensional and run-out accuracy.


AirTec Cylinders

Save waste removal

AirTec Cylinders

Solid rotary dies with air pressure system for easier waste removal.


Wink AirTec solid die with waste removal and vacuum device


FlexAir® Cylinders

Flexible option, Simply clevair

FlexAir cylinders

The flexible alternative to AirTec and other cutting cylinders.


Sheeter Cylinders

Sheeter cylinders

For perforating and cutting, with the Wink clamping system for easy changing of blades.


Anvil Cylinders

Anvil cylinders

The counterpart to the magnetic cylinder; available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder.


Hot Stamping Cylinders

Hot Stamping cylinders

Wink's hot stamping cylinders for gold and silver foils are manufactured with state-of-the art CNC technology, thus ensuring most filigree contours and texts.


Cutting Units

Rotary die-cutting with maximum efficiency

Die-cutting units

Tailor-made die-cutting units for your printing or converting machine.


Magnetic Base Plates

Magnetic Base Plates

The alternative to steel rule dies: Flat magnetic base plates for our flexible dies.


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