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For over 20 years,WINK has used state-of-the-art CNC technology to manufacture high quality steel flexible dies for the graphic industry. They manufacture flexible dies precisely, according to the customers requirements and they adapt them to the particular application. At the same time, WINK guarantee uncompromisingly high quality standards, precision and durability.


WINK offers the following high quality products to converters around the world:

  • SuperCut Flexible dies
  • wisp® Flexible dies (Sheet fed off set)
  • Envelope dies
  • PowerCut Rotary dies
  • Magnetic cylinders
  • Printing cylinders
  • GAP Control
  • AIRTEC Cylinders
  • FLEXAIR Cylinders
  • Sheeter Cylinders
  • Anvil Cylinders
  • Hot Stamping Cylinders
  • Cutting Units
  • Steel Rule dies
  • Magnetic base plates
  • ProMount mounting system
  • Pressure gauges

SuperCut flexible dies:

With WINK magnetic dies, you can die-cut almost any conceivable narrow web product SuperCut flexible diesMCR coating
perfectly - from simple rectangles to multi-layer booklet labels.

SuperCut flexible coatings are available at various cutting angles, with laser hardening, with MCR and other coating types, with non-stick coatings and with ProShift (stagger cut) depending on the type of material to be cut.

wisp® Flexible dies (Sheet-Fed Offset):

Wisp flexible dies (sheet-fed offset)

Wisp® flexible dies are made from high quality materials using state-of-the-art CNC technology. These unique special flexible dies can be used in almost all sheet offset machines for any print formats.

This innovative technology enables efficient in-line production: kiss-cutting, cutting-through, perforation, creasing and embossing can take place immediately after printing. This saves valuable time and significantly reduces your production costs. The ideal height  (up to 1.5 mm) is set according to your material. Paper and card printing material  measuring up to 0.4 mm in thickness can therefore be cut without any problems. Various  finishing options enable you to further increase efficiency.

 Wisp® flexible dies are suitable for the following leading machine manufacturers and  others upon request:

  • Heidelberger
  • manroland
  • KBA
  • Komori
  • Ryobi
  • Sakurai
  • and more

Envelope dies:

Wink envelope dies are available as window dies, profiles and separators with the latest Envelope diesvariable geometry. They are suitable for all common magnetic and anvil systems. Variants are also available with clamping or pin bars for use as a feed guide. Our envelope dies are also impressive because of their extremely high durability and contour accuracy. Using the
latest CNC technology not only leads to high dimension accuracy and minimum tolerances, but also enables us to fulfill special requirements - from tear perforations to trimmer and security cuts.


  • Window cuts: as single or multiple windows, special formats are available on request
  • Profiles: as a combination knife with a double profile or as a separate knife pair
  • Separators: on request with security cutting/perforation, optional register systems in the clamping bar

PowerCut solid dies:

Maximum Power for many applications in narrow web printing, solid rotary dies continue to be the first choice, e.g. for cutting very thick labels, cardboard packaging and non-woven fabrics. The PowerCut® cylinders are convincing because of their precision and Bild PowerCut<sup>®</sup> solid dieslong life. Each cylinder is manufactured using the latest CNC technology and adapted precisely to your individual requirements.


  • PowerCut® cylinders are hardened on principle and can be repeatedly reworked and resharpened.
  • All common working widths and diameters are available, special sizes on request.
  • Standard height of cutting lines is 1.2 mm, of course other heights and several cutting depths on one cylinder are also no problem.

Magnetic cylinders:

The perfect match to SuperCut dies. Excellent cutting results not only require an accurate flexible die. True-to-size magnetic carriers and anvil cylinders are equally vital. Only if all components are in flawless condition and perfectly adjusted, you will achieve premium cutting results.

Wink provides you with all you need - with outstanding quality and fastest delivery times.Magnetic cylinders We use the latest high-tech equipment to manufacture high quality magnetic cylinders in all standard dimensions, as well as special formats, if requested by our customers. Our magnetic cylinders stand out for their maximum precision, optimum adhesion and high durability.

In order to guarantee flawless cutting results, we strongly recommend to regularly have a check-up and gap measurement for all your magnetic cylinders. By using various grinding and repairing techniques, your cylinders can be restored to their original condition in many cases.

Cylinder details:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width: up to 2,000 mm (special sizes on request)
  • Tolerance (bearer ring) +/- 3 µm
  • Concentric run +/- 3 µm
  • Delivery incl. gear and transport container

Printing cylinders:

Printing cylinders form the basis of every printing machine and we therefore manufacture them with the greatest care, in order to guarantee optimum fit and run-out accuracy. WinBild Printing cylindersk printing cylinders are available for all standard flexo and letter press printing presses. Special designs are also possible based on drawings or samples. Positioning marks (axial and radial) can be added to the extremely finely honed cylinder bodies, in order to facilitate the mounting of the printing plates.

Larger cylinder types are also available as extra-light version with significantly reduced weight, so that a trouble-free installation is guaranteed. As an option, all cylinders can be coated with a hard anodized layer which increases the service life. Of course we also supply the corresponding gears, also available in hardened and ground quality.


Adjustable anvil cylinder.

The wide range of materials and ever thinner liners make special demands on all die-cutting components. Adjustable anvil systems permit a variable adaptation of the gap to GapControlthe respective requirements. However, in some applications problems arise with conventional adjustable systems, in particular with cutting-through, larger working widths and high production speeds.

After long research and development work, we present theGapControl® which overcomes these limitations. You can adapt the gap to your needs flexibly and with great accuracy. The system is convincing with highly precise double-sided gap adjustment and its particularly stable construction which even makes cutting through possible without any problems.


Basic Data:

  • system for easy gap adjustment, consisting of adjustable anvil cylinder and a support roller, both solid and hardened„„
  • adjustment range ± 80 microns„„
  • individual adjustment on both sides, at standstill and when machine is running„„
  • construction possible for all common machine types and working widths
  • can also be integrated in machines without support roller„„
  • minimum diameter 80 teeth (1/8” cp)„„
  • suitable for cutting from below

AirTec cylinders:

Save waste removal

The Wink AirTec system consists of rotary dies with a compressed air connection. The cut-out waste can be blown via air passage holes positioned around the cylinder, directly intoBild AirTec cylinders the extraction unit which is attached to the vacuum system. This procedure guarantees that no waste is left stuck in the cylinder cavities or in web.

Wink AirTec cylinders are especially recommended for cutting difficult or thick materials. It is also possible to combine different cutting heights for simultaneous cutting-through and kiss-cutting. AirTec cylinders are specially hardened by default to provide maximum durability. Our cylinders can be re-worked and re-sharpened several times.

FlexAir cylinders:

FlexAir cylindersThe Wink FlexAir® system combines the advantages of solid die air systems with those of flexible dies. Air passage holes on the surface of the FlexAir® magnetic cylinder align
exactly with the holes in the corresponding flexible die, so that the cut-out waste can be blown directly into the extraction unit which is attached to the vacuum system.

Simply ClevAir

This system is particularly beneficial for extended run applications where the additional extra cost is soon offset by the savings madeo n the cutting tools. When the cutting edge is worn you only have to replace the flexible die. This is considerably less expensive than removing the solid die and either repairing or replacing it.

Sheeter Cylinders:

We also offer multi-functional cutting cylinders, e.g. for accurate perforating, cutting orSheeter cylinders kiss-cutting in various formats. Our sheeter cylinders are available for all common machine types and, of course, also in special designs (based on drawings or samples). The tried and tested Wink clamping system guarantees cost-effectiveness, as the knives can be replaced and individually adjusted quickly, accurately and without any problems. We also stock replacement knives for all common designs at our warehouse.

Anvil cylinders:

Our anvil cylinders are characterised by their exemplary hardness and run-out accuracy. Whether you use a standard, plus or minus cylinder to compensate for a wide range of Anvil cylindersbacking papers, thanks to its precision and ultra-fine surface condition, every Wink anvil cylinder is a quality tool that guarantees success. Anvil cylinders are available for all machine types, in all standard designs and, of course, special designs are also possible (based on drawings or samples).

  • Base material: high quality tool steel
  • Available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder in order to compensate for variations in liners and worn cutting tools
  • Hardness: 62 +/- 2 HRC
  • Run-out accuracy < 3 µm
  • Cylindricity < 3 µm
  • Cylinder body diameter: up to 300 mm
  • Cylinder width (inc. taps) up to 2,000 mm
  • Special sizes available on request
  • Gear: standard 1/8 cp, all tooth modules available
  • Delivery incl. gear and transport container

Hot Stamping Cylinders:

In addition to our printing cylinders, we provide a wide range of high-precision embossingBild Hot stamping cylinders cylinders for processing your labels and other products. Our hot stamping cylinders for gold and silver foils are manufactured with state-of-the art CNC technology, thus ensuring most filigree contours and texts.

Cutting units:

Tailor-made die-cutting units for printing or converting machines.Cutting units




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