TKM Meyer Doctor Blades + Machine Tooling

TKM Meyer, manufacturer pre-ground doctor blades, high performance knives and replacement parts for the printing and packing industries. They are aware that they do not merely produce and sell high precision products. TKM customers are searching for more and expect more:

  • Trust
  • Security / Safety
  • Reliability

TKM’s, not only creative and expert competency await you, but also a readiness to provide service, partnership and personal service.



TKM manufacturing process' begin with the selection of the finest raw materials available. They apply exacting standards of flatness, straightness and edge thickness through a comprehensive quality control system and they produce multiple blade and tip designs from a wide variety of materials to fit every printing application. Their perfectly smooth blade tip (contact area) not only provides for high-quality consistent doctoring and allows for minimal blade pressure on start-up thereby reducing blade usage and expensive downtime. Consistent print quality comes from consistent printing process, therefore the TKM doctor blades are held to the industries tightest tolerances.

TKM products are available for the following industries.

  • Flexo and Gravure - Doctor Blades
  • Paper and Pulp Industry- Knives
  • Tissue Paper - Knives Tooling 
  • Web Offset- Tooling
  • Bindery & Finishing - Tooling
  • Publication - Gravure


Available Doctor Blade Materials:


MeyerPrint Carbon Steel:
This material has proven to be very reliable doctor blade steel meeting our standards. Material purity is optimized and
has high chrome content compared to other blades on the market.
OptiPrint Premium Carbon Steel:
Also optimised in purity. Has five times higher chromium content than MeyerPrint carbon steel. Advantages include a very clean, reliable wipe with longer blade lifetime.
PowerPrint Special Alloy Steel:
Material provides more wear resistance, toughness and smooth doctoring. The best alternative when coated blades or standard materials will not produce acceptable results. If you are looking for a very high quality wipe with superior lifetime try PowerPrint.
MegaPrint Coated:
Special coating with ceramic particles. Increases blade lifetime and optimises print quality. Polishes cylinders during printing which reduces toning, hazing, pin lines and streaking.
NiroPrint Stainless Steel:
Corrosion resistant material best suited for water based and aggressive inks and coatings
PolyPrintBladePolyPrint Polyester: 
Material best suited as a containment blade in the chamber systems in flexographic printing applications. Available with either square or bevel edge.

TKM Enpurex - your cleaning liquid for printing cylinders

For the thorough cleaning of your ceramic anilox roller and gravure cylinder, we recommend using the ph-neutral and biodegradable TKM Enpurex cleaning agent.

Check out the application video:



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