FLEXOR die cutting, rewinding, sheeting machinery

EMIS Ltd. (est.1995) is a family owned company from Warsaw, Poland that manufactures the FLEXOR® product line of rewind slitting machines for label printers.

The name EMIS has a long tradition in machine building as an OEM partner for various German companies hence setting quality and reliability as the priority during the design and construction phases. Through quality assurance and long standing partnerships with its partners EMIS has managed to combine German quality with Polish craftsmanship. With its world wide sales partners, friendly staff, quick delivery times and  highly flexible machine design, EMIS should be considered as your preferred partner.


The FLEXOR product range consists of:

  • BC Series - Slitting, inspection, rewinding
  • CT Series - Slitting, die cutting , inspection
  • JB Series - Slitting, die cutting, inspection for JUMBO rolls
  • SH Series - Sheeting, die cutting, printing
  • IS Series - 100% inspection for the pharma and cosmetic industry
  • IQ Series - Special machinery. Printing + die cutting to rolls or sheet and roll recovery
  • Eco Series - Economic solutions for any converter
  • Peripherals - Roll handling, roll carts

BC Series:

The BC Series features inspection, slitting, rewinding machines which are used in flexo printing around the world. The machines are servo driven, easy to use, have a job memory function and can run at speeds that will exceed your expectations. All in all this is a machine that you must have on your shop floor to ensure that your products are high quality and have fast turn around time.

  • BCseries
  • Fully Servo Driven
  • 250 Job Memory
  • 320 m/min converting speed
  • Many options available


CT Series:

The CT Series offers the customer\’s an effective and productive way of manufacturing blank labels. High speeds, high quality and an easy to use interface make it the ideal production partner in your factory. Single or Double Die cutting is no problem on this machine, you can even die cut to register pre-printed web!

  • CTseriesFully Servo Driven
  • Single or Double Die Cutting unit
  • Speeds of up to 300 m/min
  • 250 Job Memory
  • Remote assistance via internet


JB Series: 

The JB Series is designed for highly productive manufacturing of blank labels or converting material which has been printed on Jumbo rolls. With an unwind capacity of up to 1,115 mm, double die cutting, inkjet printing and other options it gives you the edge which you need in order to run a successful and efficient operations.

  • JBseriesFully servo motor driven
  • Jumbo unwind for up 1,115 mm roll diameter
  • Double Nip Roller assembly: before and after the die cutting unit
  • Remote assistance via internet


SH Series:

he SH SERIES is used for die cutting and sheeting almost any material and any size label. With a max. web width of 440 mm these machines can easily be your workhorse for producing two up A4 or any size label. FLEXOR specializes in A4, A5, A3 and SRA3 production and will allow you to manufacture not only fast but also reliable your sheeted labels. With the motor driven shingle stream delivery belt these machines are completely independent and can work offline.

  • SHseriesWeb width: 380 and 440 mm
  • Perfect for producing A5, A4, A5, A3 and SRA3 sheets
  • Double Die Cutting station with matrix rewind
  • Shingle Stream Delivery Table
  • Re-register print and sheet
  • Fully servo motor equipped
  • UV and/or IR Drying
  • Max. Speed: 150 m/min


IQ Series:

The IQ Series features specials machines which were made to combine man functionalities along with special features not found on regular machines. The IQ Series combines the deep product knowledge of FLEXOR along with the sophisticated design and functionality. The IQ Series is unique in its way and cannot be found at other manufacturers.

  • Web width: 380 mm, 440 mm
  • Roll to Roll or Roll to Sheet Production with ONE COLOUR FLEXO: Changeover time approx. 15 min (tool-less)IQSeries
  • Double Die Cutting Unit with sheeting option
  • Shingle Stream Delivery Table
  • One Colour Flexo Station: Print to register
  • Fully servo motor equipped with 250 Job Memory
  • Single / Double or Semi Turret rewinder
  • UV and / or IR Curing, Corona Treater
  • Shear, crush and razor cut options


Eco Series:

The ECO Series features low cost solutions that can help to manufacture labels more efficiently. The machines are easy to use and the operator does not require any training. Installation and Setup can be done within minutes and the machines are ready to run once delivered. This Series is especially interesting for customers who have short runs or are starting their label production business. The Flexor 250TD can also be used to die cut in register already pre-printed web for example from a digital printer.

  • Web width: 200 mmEcoSeries
  • Fully servo motor equipped: Each rewind has its own servo motor
  • One or two rewinders
  • Max. speed 120 m/min
  • Counts meters and labels
  • One lane missing label detection
  • Possible Inkjet integration



Flexi Roll Lift 800 L

  • Rolls up to 250 kgRollLift
  • Used for standard 2000 m rolls
  • Possibility to use with most printing and converting machinery
  • Strong and easy construction for a long lifetime
  • Conform to health and safety regulations
  • Reduce the risk of accidents at work
  • Automatic roll lock while moving the Roll Lift

Flexi Roll Cart 360RollCart

  • Moving Standard rolls quick and effective
  • Self braking mechanism when rolling roll on top of it
  • 12 wheels ensure a 360 degree moving angle
  • Ensure that the outer layer of your rolls is not damaged


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