ABSOLUTE Carbon Fiber Chamber Doctor Blade Systems

Our partner Absolute designed the worlds first true “Light Weight” carbon fiber chamber doctoring systems in 1990.

In the past 18 years Absolute has produced thousands of carbon fiber doctoring systems to improve the performance of virtually every type of flexographic printing press manufactured.


ABSOLUTE provide specialised light weight systems for corrugated printers, pre print, tissue decorators, label machines, litho tower coaters, newspapers, coating units, envelope printers and wide web printers.

They have installations on every continent, and most countries, along with a team of engineers who constantly travel the world to install and commission their equipment. They then train the operators in the best methods of optimizing the equipments performance immediately.

Their technical team utilize a base of knowledge that encompasses Aerospace, Formula 1 and Supercar production, high specification sailing yachts and defence products.

The same technology and standards are incorporated into their inking systems ensuring absolute consistency and performance.

The Absolute product range includes;

The 2G Chamber (click here for the brochure)

Absolute 2G is the most successful chamber system available.

These systems vary considerably in width and application. The narrowest units are 100mm wide, whilst the widest systems in operation are in excess of 5000mm. They have systems on specialist coating applications that run at 20mpm (60fpm), whilst the fastest systems run at over 1000mpm (3000fpm).

They provide systems that run with water based ink, solvent inks, UV inks and coatings, dye based inks in addition to a huge variety of coatings, glues and adhesives.

Key benefits include:

  • Anti corrosion guarantee
  • Rapid blade change
  • Woven carbon fiber
  • Safety
  • Ink repelling resin
  • Unique vibration damping construction
  • Superior strength to weight ratio
  • Non twist or warp


Uni-Blade (click here for brochure)

Uniblade is Absolute's single wiper system made from woven carbon fiber. It has all the DNA of the successful 2G dual blade chamber in a single wiper format. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the corrugated post print industry, it combines consistent doctoring with rapid wash up and blade change for customers in a low order quantity environment.

Key benefits include:

  • Anti-corrosion guarantee
  • Rapid blade change
  • Unique vibration damping construction
  • Ink repelling resin
  • Woven carbon fiber
  • Superior strength to weight ratiom
  • Non twist or warp


I-Max (click here for brochure)

Chambered doctor blades are standard specification on most modern Post Printers. The driver for this has been print quality, and it remains the overriding issue.

The I-Max ink chamber is set to raise the standard once more, never before has an ink chamber development been better able to impact positively on the environment, whilst boosting the profits.

Key benefits include:

  • 90% savings on colour change ink waste
  • 90% savings on downstream wash-up cost
  • Dramatically reduced production downtime
  • Reduced in-plant maintenance costs
  • Improved colour consistency
  • Reduced environmental costs
  • Total payback within months, not years


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