ZECHER Anilox and Coating Sleeves & Rollers

ZECHER, founded in 1948 by Kurt Zecher invented electronic engravings in the early 1950’s through its co-operation with the equipment manufacturer Windmoller & Holsher. To this day ZECHER continues to be the only manufacturer that is completely focused on ceramic and chrome engraved anilox and coating rollers.


Zecher has developed a unique range of engravings and solutions for printers in the wide web flexo, corrugate, pre-print, narrow web and label sectors along with those manufacturers involved in coatings and specialised applications. To optimise and ease engraving selection Zecher has developed an easy to use pyramid guide for printers.

Zecher's specialised products include;

SteppedHex is an open cell engraving that widens the standard engraving range. TheSteppedHex SteppedHex does not compromise the lifetime of the anilox like some other open cell engraving types.  In comparison to a standard 60° engraving, the SteppedHex technology offers the possibility to increase the engraving resolution without losing volume, due to its unique cell connection. The SteppedHex engraving is based on the 60° angle.

H.I.T 60o engravings for the application of high opacity solvent, UV and water basedHIT1
whites for flexo and label printing and 30o engravings to help reduce ink spitting for the label printer. This unique open cell engraving makes cleaning of the anilox easier and it comes in line screen rulings from 30 L/cm up to 140 L/cm and with a volume range from 10 cm3/m2 up to 50 cm3/m2.

If you haven't tried an H.I.T engraving then you should seriously consider one if you are looking to print pin hole free white inks.

HD Ready or Full HD anilox enables printing in perfect HD quality. The HD Ready or Full HD engraving is an Esko certified engraving for high resolution applications.

I.T.S. system has been specially developed by Zecher to improve the surface properties of ITSceramic and chrome anilox rolls. This unique process increases the life of the roll, optimises ink transfer and release, reduces the frequency required for cleaning rolls, improves productivity and helps reduce wastage on the press. (click here for data sheet)

Cell wall preparations for the wide web printer. The proprietary ceramic compound used in Zecher anilox improves the ink release and overall performance of the roll. You can now use a finer engraving to print higher ink densities than you have been used to in the past from the same engraving. This will help the printer improve print quality, reduce wastage and increase productivity. (click here for data sheet)

Anilox Sleeves sleeves are manufactured with integrated stainless steel end Sleeverings. Polyurethane is also introduced into various internal parts of the sleeve to protect your investment against chemical penetrations and compressed air leakage. New Zecher sleeves can be prepared on request with the inclusion of the RFID-chip. (click here for data sheet)

Easy Mount. These special anodised aluminium rings are fitted to the ends of the sleeveEasy_Mount_handles on Bobst and Nilpeter machines. They help prevent damage to the ends of the sleeve and make for easy identification of sleeves within the press room. To improve productivity and to reduce any time wasted looking for the correct anilox engraving consider Easy Mount (click here for data sheet).

Colour tags have also been introduced for sleeves on other manufacturers machines. The Zecher colour tag system helps minimise downtime in the press room attributed to looking for the correct anilox engraving to do the job (click here for data sheet)

VoluCheck. If you are serious about controlling the process then you need to look at theVoluCheck VoluCheck system. With VoluCheck you can measure the anilox roll volume in your own time giving you control over a very important process variable. Don't waste unnecessary time when you can measure the anilox quickly yourself and instantly know if it is clean and printing to its full capacity. This cost effective tool is affordable and you should not look past it if you are serious about process control. (click here for data sheet)

Opaltone. The Opaltone process requires well adapted anilox specifications with high line screens in order to transfer a thin and consistent ink film. Finer Anilox rolls allow you to control your ink better and reduce ink consumption. Zecher is the only manufacturer of anilox rolls and sleeves that has been certified for Opaltone. (click here for data sheet)



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