Q?Is Nekkorb GST registered in Australia?

Yes, Nekkorb is GST (only) registered in Australia and GST will be shown and must be charged on all invoices.

Q?As an Australian customer will we be charged international bank fees when we make payments into the Nekkorb Bank account?

No, if you are paying into the Nekkorb Commonwealth Bank accounts there are no special fees charged

Q?What currency does Nekkorb invoice its Australian customers in?

Nekkorb has two accounts set up with the Commonwealth Bank. An Australian $ account is available for all day to day transactions and when a customer wishes to be invoiced in €Euro i.e. for anilox and/or larger capital equipment items then a Euro account facility is also available

Q?How easy is it for Australian based customers to do business with Nekkorb Solutions?

Its just as easy to do business with Nekkorb as it is with any Australian based supplier.

(The New Zealand and Australia governments have a special provision for business’ that wish to do business on both sides of the Tasman whereby they do not necessarily have to be a registered  business in that country)