NEKKORB - Quality Printing Solutions


NEKKORB Solutions was founded in 2009 by Frank Brokken who has more than 35
years experience in the printing industry.


Frank, a printer by trade, understands printers' needs. With his knowledge he set about to bring together a portfolio of world class suppliers and their products to help New Zealand and Australian printers


Together with world class partners, NEKKOB offer’s its customers solutions that enhance the entire manufacturing process.

From design through to the final conversion process NEKKORB's quality products and service solutions will help your business control process consistency and inevitably this will lead to improved productivity and profitability.

NEKKORB personnel take special pride in delivering products and services to customers in an absolutely confidential, professional and ethical manner. In today’s competitive market place we strongly believe that a partnership with these qualities is meaningful and goes a long way to building strong, sound partnerships with customers.

The experienced NEKKORB team not only focuses on delivering outstanding service standards they also have a range of skills to call on that will help customers identify there needs quickly and effectively.

If you are looking for confidential, cost effective, world class solutions then you need to be talking to a NEKKORB representative today.