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CTC is a leading manufacturer of narrow and mid web unwind and rewind machinery and related products. Their Automatic Roll Changing Un-winders and Re-winders provide efficient non-stop operation, keeping your converting process rolling. CTC products are in use on 6 continents in over 40 Nations. Fortune 500 companies and small business alike, who insist on the best, rely on CTC.

Product Description

CTC has earned it's reputation as a trusted partner in productivity for many companies over the last 50 years. They have helped customers in the Tag & Label, Packaging, Converting and Non-Woven industries to eliminate waste, reduce manufacturing cost and maximize production.

The extensive CTC product range includes:

  • Turret re-winders
  • Unwind tension compensators
  • Unwind stands
  • Slicer mechanisms
  • Lap splicers
  • Butt splicers
  • Web accumulators
  • Waste matrix
  • Splice tables
  • Rewind stands

Turret re-winders:

CTC is a leading manufacturer of Narrow Web Automatic Turret Re-winders. They have built over 1000 turret re-winders that are in operation on 6 continents.

CTC continues to innovate, develop, and refine the world’s largest range of Automatic Turret Re-winders to suit the most varied types of applications. Endorsed by major press manufacturers, the words reliability and flexibility are universally associated with CTC equipment.

Reliability because with many turrets in virtually every possible type of label application, their reliability is proven world wide.

Flexibility because often CTC turrets can do jobs that others find challenging. CTC turrets have a long standing reputation as the fall back position when competitive turrets cannot wind the most difficult jobs. In the long run they provide more value for your money. These are high tech machines featuring the latest in AC drive technology, touch screen controls and the world’s most flexible programmable controllers. All fabricated with recognized industry standard components.


Unwind tension compensators:

A completely mechanical device (with integral cantilevered roll support shaft) for controlling unwind tension on rolls of film, foil, paper, tape, wire, plastics and the like.

This system consists of a compensating brake inside a protective cover, and a sensing module consisting of two rollers mounted on a pivoting bracket. This bracket is spring loaded and adjustable. A feed-back cable connects the sensing roller bracket and the compensating brake. Since the sensing roller bracket is balanced against the initial spring load (tension setting), the bracket and rollers actually change the floating position by pivoting in response to changes in roll diameter, speed, acceleration and coefficient of friction changes within the brake system. The pivoting motion of the bracket is transmitted by means of the feed-back cable to the brake, constantly adjusting the brake force to keep the system in equilibrium.

Unwind Stands:

CTC unwind stands are application engineered for roll size, type of material, tension requirements, web speed, etc. The tension control systems available are: Completely mechanical servo, electro-mechanical, AC Vector, AC Servo, and pneumatic brake.

Fully Cantilevered: Both the roll support arbor and the dancer rollers are cantilevered.

Fully Supported: The removable air shaft is supported at both ends, and the dancer system is supported at both ends.

AUTOMATIC WEB GUIDING:  For wider stands that require automatic web guiding, the stand is constructed so that it rides on linear anti-friction bearings which are mounted on the base plate. An electro mechanical web guide system employing a linear actuator shifts the upper portion of the stand in response to signals from the web position sensor. For narrow stands, a web offset pivot guiding system is provided when automatic web guiding is specified.

Splicer Mechanisms:

As an alternative to buying a complete Automatic Splicer, CTC also offers Splicer Mechanisms in order to make automatic web splicing more economical for both OEM’s and End Users. Those purchasing a splicer mechanism might also be interested in the web accumulator. All PLC
Ladder Logic is provided with the splicer mechanism, as is a drawing showing the required pneumatic s to operate the mechanism. Pneumatic valves can also be ordered as an option.

Mechanisms Available 

1. Tape Lap     

2. Tape Butt     

3. Heat Seal Lap    

4. Heat Seal Butt

Shear knife cutting systems are included standard, with hot wire cutting as an option for suitable materials. Narrower splicers utilize rectangular shear blades, while wider mechanisms utilize rotary flying cutter shear systems. The heat seal butt splicer mechanism is a completely “Knife less” unit.  Contact us for more details.

Web accumulators:

Web Accumulators are application engineered for web width, total amount of web storage required, tension range, line speed and material characteristics.

Web Accumulators are available in either vertical or horizontal configuration. They can be free standing or “plate mounted” for installation on another machine. They are available in capacities from 10 to 400 feet of web storage.

Large capacity Accumulators are designed with banks of moving carriages with each carriage fitted with two to five rollers, depending on Accumulator size. Accumulator rollers (fixed position rollers and carriage rollers) are typically aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The rollers can be straight, concave or convex, depending on the web and how it tracks through the Accumulator.



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