KODAK Photopolymer Letterpress Plates


Kodak manufacture a full portfolio of water-soluble letterpress plates for dry offset, letterpress and moulding that can help you boost quality and consistency and improve operational efficiency.

Product Description

KODAK MIRACLON Letterpress Plates offer you an extensive portfolio of plates, including film and metal-backed substrates, analog and digital solutions and a range of standard and custom sizes and thicknesses that offer you:
Excellent ink transfer
Precise, repeatable plate making
Exceptional durability
Simple, clean plate processing
With MIRACLON Letterpress Plates, you will benefit from a winning combination:

- Ease of use and convenience
- A wide range of sizes
- Clean processing
- Outstanding print quality
- Exceptional durability

Water soluble KODAK RIGILON Moulding Plates can be used to replace zinc or magnesium in the production of rubber hand stamps.
These environmentally-friendly plates guarantee simple processing without aggressive chemical etchants. In addition, exceptional heat resistance ensures ease of application for moulding, embossing and pad printing applications. Key features include:

- Fast, water-soluble processing
- Exceptional heat resistance
- Outstanding ink transfer
- Available with steel and aluminium backing


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