3M Specialty Label Materials


Our partner 3M is a leader in the field of higher performance label applications.

Its world class expertise in specialty protective and adhesive coatings is a sound reason why you need to consider 3M as your partner in these areas of application.

Product Description

Performance labels are required for a whole range of products, with specialty face-stocks and adhesives for labeling success in appliance, automotive, electrical, medical, pharmaceutical, and other markets 3M can assist you.

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In most cases, when you send a label into the elements, you hope it will hold up and look good for years to come.

  • Temperature extremes
  • Moisture
  • Sunlight

Can all take their toll on the label and legibility is almost always critical.

Look to 3M for a label solution that will last longer and protect your brand in some of the most demanding applications.

click here  for the 3M label finder that will help you select the most appropriate and cost effect solution to meet the needs of your customer.

If we don't have a suitable product available for you then we can call on our world wide expertise to come up with a solution to meet your customers needs.


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