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SOMA is a dynamically developing company with a rich history, a solid production range and a unique know-how resulting in long-term success.

Launched in the early nineties, the Soma range of machines for flexible packaging production include flexographic printing presses, slitter rewinders, laminators, coaters, plate mounters, sheeters and die cutters. All products are manufactured and assembled entirely in-house enabling the company to oversee all aspects of production and quality control.

Product Description

SOMA introduced its most advanced and stable flexographic printing machine to visitors at DRUPA 2016

SOMA introduced its most advanced and stable flexographic printing machine OPTIMA2 to visitors at DRUPA 2016

Continuous growth over the past few years has seen the establishment of a new production and administration complex encompassing both research and development. More recently new innovations in product design have resulted in further growth leading to investment in the Soma Globe centre where customers are able to run product and development trials using the latest machines in the Soma range. The company is committed to developing new products with added value and to providing long-term service and maintenance to ensure the longevity of its products.

Participation at key industry exhibitions has been instrumental in building a strong sales and support network of distribution channels throughout the world leading to 90 percent of product going to export. The company’s ethos is based on good business practice and high quality products supported by a work force trained to the highest standards in their respective fields.

The outstanding SOMA portfolio includes:



Printing Decks: 8

Speed: 300 m.p.m

Print width: 620 / 820

Print length: 240 / 260 - 600 mm

Servo drives: YES

Sleeves: YES


Printing Decks: 8 & 10

Speed: 400 / 500 m.p.m

Print width: 1050 / 1270

Print length: 330 / 360 - 800 mm (longer print repeat available on 8 colour m/c)

Servo drives: YES

Sleeves: YES

The design concept of OPTIMA and OPTIMA2 is to produce flexographic printing presses covering up to 90% of normal production. Highly efficient rapid job change, with print consistency and reduction in running costs. 


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