MPS Flexo & Offset label printing machines


Nekkorb Solutions is proud to represent the world class manufacturer of label printing equipment Multi Print Systems MPS.

Multi Print Systems (MPS) produces unique printing presses that are aimed at the high end of the label, flexible packaging and carton board markets. These presses are based on the servo drive technology that is trend setting for the converting industry. MPS have satisfied users all around the world.

Product Description

MPS is a young, innovative printing press manufacturing and sales company, established in 1996. The company has up-to-date manufacturing facilities in Didam, the Netherlands. The company is very proud of its current installed base and its innovative patented technology. MPS key-values are: "˜listen carefully to the customers and provide the value-gains they need within their investment-space"™. That philosophy led to its all covering sales program with four press type-versions, all based upon the same MPS patent-treasures.


The new integrated press formats for printing labels and flexible packaging, sets an innovative standard within the printing industry. The MPS design philosophy is simple and consistent with three basic guideliness:

1. Quality

Print quality should be outstanding with a print effect from offset to screen. In this way you can satisfy even your most demanding customers.

2. Productivity

The press should be very productive, the uptime should be maximal and the operation should be free of trouble. This makes you able to save waste and reach a high productivity. Eventually more sellable products are produced!

3. Flexibility

The press should have built in flexibility. Flexibility to handle a wide range of materials, flexibility to use the right print technology in every position on the press and finally the flexibility to adapt to your current and future market changes. In this way, the press will retain its value to your business long in to the future.

These basic guidelines helped MPS to develop presses equipped with cutting edge innovations and the products that are available to the high quality label printer include the EF, EC, EXL-Packaging and EO printing machines.

The world-renown MPS printing presses feature a solid and highly advanced design thatcomprises only quality components. The result is a performance level that few can match. This means that the initial investment required for an MPS printing press is immediately translated into a drastic reduction in printing costs compared to other systems. In other words, the purchase price of an MPS machine is recovered within a limited period, thanks to the smooth functioning of machines that are less prone to error and, equally as important, thanks to the intellegent and highly efficient and simple operating techniques.

MPS applies printing technology that results in less loss of valuable production hours and less waste of costly materials. The result is the ability to produce greater quantities at lower costs in the same amount of time and without compromsing on quality. Waht MPS offers is maximum productivity. And the MPS printing presses prove time and again that quality and economics are paramount. If you consider all production factors and add up the results, you'll arrive at the only possible conclusion; an MPS press is the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION.


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